Crafts Staging

  • Ensure your work is bobble and loose thread free.

  • Larger items such as jumpers and blankets, can be folded neatly.

  • Jumpers should be displayed with the collar on show.

  • cushion covers should be stuffed, as to show how they would appear in actual use.

  • Items that require to be stood up, such as a tea cosy, can have a prop inside them to represent how they should look.

  • Paintings can only be entered into one category and not across multiple.

  • ensure your painting is signed by yourself either on the painting or the back of the canvas.

  • If framed ensure the frame is of a robust construction and not liable to break if the item is picked up.

  • Framings should suit the painting in it's context style.

  • Cards should be presented freestanding, unless a single piece, then they can be displayed on a small stand.

  • Text can be printed or made from the main material subject.