Children's Staging

  • Ensure your miniature gardens are up to 30cm x 30cm in size.

  • Try and make sure your flowers are as fresh as possible

  • Egg cups can be a theme or just plain "wild".

  • Any variety of sunflower can be used, it's the height that will be judged.

  • You don't need to bring your sunflower on the day, although we will try and display pictures of them for all to see.

  • Your artwork can be in any material you so wish

  • Cards can be in any material, but try and make sure they can stand up.

  • Have fun with you decorated vegetable. It could be anything from a Dragon to a Mouse.

  • Get help from an adult to actually bake your items in the oven, but mixing and decorating must be done by you.

  • Try and think of a theme for your decoration, so they all look the same or fit to an overall theme.

  • If they taste nice, that's even better.