Cakes & Preserves Staging

  • Pickles should be in a jar, that is sealed with either a rubber gasketed lid or greaseproof paper.

  • There is no specific jar size.

  • Any flavourings can be used.

Jellies & Jams
  • Traditional jams are from the range of traditional British fruits, such as raspberry and strawberry.

  • Exotic jams come from the newer, more Mediterranean and eastern jams such as banana and Spanish violet.

  • Home made jelly can be any flavour as long as it is a soft fruit.

  • The traditional sponge cake can be any type or flavour of sponge, but should only be lightly decorated, if at all.

  • A traditional fruit cake can contain any fruit.

  • The showstopper should only be limited by your imagination.

  • Scones should be presented on a clean plate, and should be as uniform in size and shape as possible, then should not be cut and should be left with a cloche over them when displayed.

  • The tray bake should be presented, still, in it's tray unsliced.

  • The muffins can be any filling as long as they match in filling and match in size and shape as close as possible.

  • Savoury pastry, can have any filling.

  • The restricted diet bake, should be for someone who has a medical restriction such a gluten intolerance, please mark your bake with what condition it is aimed at.